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At Premium+, we provide our clients with state-of-the-art services that help our clients save time and cost.

Our services are similar to what a location manager does, but we charge differently. A location manager is paid per day and there is only one person sourcing for locations. With Premium+, there are dozens of people in Filmplace that will be helping to source for our client’s desired locations, and we will only charge for the service if we have found something suitable for them.

How we do our business

We call ourselves PLUS because we always try to exceed our client’s expectations. We provide great value to our clients by helping them to reduce cost, while efficiently securing venues that are hard to come by.

Provide peace of mind

Our mission is to prioritise our client’s needs, and to help them to secure locations based on what they need.

Our Fee

Here’s how we charge to help you save costs.
(A) Setup Fee – SGD 500 currently waived for members
(B) Every successful confirmed location – 15% of the location fee
(C) Location Fee

Total fee payable: (A) + (B) + (C)

Example: we secure 2 locations for you and both locations payable is $1000. 15% of the location fee will be $150. So in total, you will pay $500 + $150. Great? You will save tons of cost if you have multiple locations you need to secure as compared to hiring a location manager.


Get in Touch

Connect with us and let us know what kind of locations you’re going for with your deadline and specified requirements.



Upon confirmation from our team, you may proceed to make a one-time administrative payment to kickstart this project.



Our professionals will start the locations scouting for you with the cost, photos and availability. Our team will continue to scout for locations until you are statisfied or until deadline is over.



We will proceed to lock the locations for you upon receiving the location fee + 15% of each confirmed location. We will also be helping you to secure location release agreements too!

We find amazing

Past Experiences

  • Shawn Tan
    “This platform has helped me with a number of commercial projects, which I could easily secure locations at reasonable prices. Be it you’re a filmmaker, photographer or a home/property owner, I will highly recommend this platform to you.”
    Shawn TanSenior Producer
  • Peter Lam
    “This is amazing! It speed up my location sourcing process from 5 days into barely an hour now! It make my job so much easier and quicker to secure a film location now!”
    Peter LamLocation Manager
  • Jessica Chua
    "Filmplace provided us with this great platform and solutions which helps us save cost, save time, and even save us trouble. Really great team with great solution. I hope you guys goes a long way so we can use you for a long time!"
    Jessica ChuaProducer
We help you secure locations from all over the world!

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    Let us help you today! If we did not secure any locations for you, we will provide you with a 100% refund!