PLUS+ is specifically designed to meet your quick production turnaround needs where you can hire creative talents and locations.

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Welcome to PLUS+!

PLUS+ assist every stages of your video production.


How can we help?

PLUS+ gets your creative talents and film locations for you!

With access to a vast network of global film locations and a diverse pool of creative talents, including fixers, Directors of Photography, Directors, Gaffers, Sound crews, and actors, we enable you to swiftly secure your filming location and talent for projects worldwide. Our pricing structure is also highly competitive within the industry.


Customer Satisfaction


Time Savings

Our Process

PLUS+ is specifically designed to meet your quick turnaround needs.



We will first have a video call with you to understand your requirements, shoot information, and budget.



Within a couple of days, we will be able to provide you with a lists of profile/ locations for your selection.



Once you confirm your selection, will provide a proper contact details between you and your selection.

Why Choose PLUS+?

Here are a few reasons why our customers choose PLUS+

Simple & Hassle-free

We streamline your hiring process by assisting you at every stage of your journey, from location scouting and talent interviews to price negotiations to ensure a perfect fit for your requirements. Upon hiring, you'll receive a location or talent release agreement, which will be signed accordingly.

  • Get access to global filming location and talents
  • Recce of location / Interviewing of talents
  • Negotation on fee so you get the lowest cost
  • Location / Talent release agreement
  • Payment settlement to location owners and talents

Fast Turnaround

In just a few days, our team will compile a list of pre-screened talents or global locations for your consideration. You'll have the opportunity to choose or conduct interviews with any talents or locations that align with your needs. Once you've made your selections, we'll handle the remaining paperwork on your behalf.

  • 2 - 5 days quick turnaround time
  • List of talents / locations will be generated for you in a PDF
  • Unliimited list can be generated when requested

Payment Guarantee

If you are dissatisfied with our list or face challenges in hiring locations or talents through PLUS+, we guarantee a full refund, excluding the admin fee. Our pricing is highly competitive, and we believe in transparency, ensuring you know precisely the talent's compensation. Our aim is to ensure fair compensation for all locations and talents.

  • Full Refund if we are unable to fulfil your hiring needs
  • Transparent Pricing where you will know exactly what you're paying for
  • Dedicated project manager will be assigned to you
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Our Testimonial

Save your time and money by choosing our professional team.

We've assisted more than 10,000 global projects in successfully completing their productions on schedule by connecting them with the perfect creative talents and film locations promptly. We're confident we can provide the same valuable assistance to you!

“Their turnaround is extremely fast which they are able to provide us with 7 exotic locations within 48 hours notice.”

Coriss Ambady

Project Manager

“Love their work style! They are very adaptable and willing to listen to our request.”

Cory Zamora

Marketing Specialist

“One of the best company I had worked with. They are very transparent, quick and easy to work with!”

Nikolas Brooten


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